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tonight's supernatural episode - 6x15

SPOILERS! i am about to rant and rave over this ep, so if you haven't watched it, don't read it.

when the title came up, i literally had to walk away. because what. the. FUCK.

after calming down and accepting the invasion of fandom into the show (which honestly, has been all over supernatural since season three or so), i returned.

there was much shouting and wigging. i knew it was misha and not cas, because DUH. the lack of magic in our world was a brilliant touch. when misha died, i just about cried, and when eric was shot, i was shouting 'no! not kripke!' anyone else notice the epic slo-mo of that scene?

dean was pretty much incredible in this episode, because he just couldn't wrap his mind around it. because it was INSANE.

i just... good lord. my brain was broken and destroyed several times over this. there was a camel in jared's backyard! was an alpaca. what the hell.

and jared and jensen don't talk? that MUST be some sort of joke on set.

overall, this episode was awesome and terrible at the same time. and i wanted to cry over everything.
Tags: analysises, dean, j2, my real life, sam, supernatural

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