May 18th, 2011

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Glee - Tell Me I'm Not a Lie - 5/?

fandom: Glee
title: Tell Me I'm Not a Lie
pairing: eventual Puck/Kurt
part: 5/?
story rating: NC17 for graphic non-con, sex, violence, swearing
chapter rating: R
warnings: blanket spoilers through season two, non-con, slash, transgender, trans bashing, un-beta'd
genre: romance/friendship/family
chapter word count: 1411
summary: this is a fill for this prompt in the glee_angst_meme | Never having had a boyfriend had the upside of never letting anyone close enough to notice he was physically female. When Blaine does get close enough, his reaction is something Kurt never could have imagined.
disclaimer: Glee belongs to many people that are not me; no trans- or homo-phobic slurs, actions, or behavior depicted in this story reflect my own beliefs, they are that of the characters expressing them


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