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Glee - The Pact - R - 1/1

title: The Pact
fandom: Glee
pairing: Puck/Kurt
rating: R for swearing
word count: ~3700
spoilers: through season 2, plus speculations for 3 (but they're mine, and they don't match anything that everyone else is saying/thinking)
warnings: swearing, slash, peer pressure, sex talk, also I've apparently gone with Lauren being a senior since I forgot to writer her in
summary: After Sectionals that first year, everyone signed a pact swearing to only lose their virginity to someone else in Glee. Two and a half years later, Graduation is around the corner, and Kurt is the only one still clinging to that title.
prompt: written for this prompt in the glee_kink_meme 
disclaimer: Ryan owns Glee

Kurt stared at the paper Rachel Berry had enthusiastically thrust under his nose.


“What is this?”


“It’s a pact.”




“Yes,” she said with a bob of her head.  “It’s a pact that we, as a club, are committing ourselves to.”


Kurt gingerly took the sheet, reading it over.  His eyes nearly popped out of his head as he realized what it was.  “Rachel, you can’t expect us all to agree to this.  It’s too personal to be decided and executed this way!”


“Kurt, everyone else has already signed it.”


“Excuse me?”


“Everyone’s agreed to lose their virginity only to someone else in the club, Kurt.  You’re the only one left to sign.”


“Maybe I don’t want to give my virginity to someone for something stupid like a piece of paper!”


“But, Kurt…  The team needs the stability of knowing that we’re all in this together!”


Kurt glared at the paper again.  “Everyone’s signed it?”


“Right,” she said, with another nod.  “And we’ll have another page to mark when and with whom each member finally takes the plunge.”


“What about Puckerman?  He’s obviously not a virgin.”


“No, he’s not, but Santana insists that she and Noah were each other’s firsts, and that he was Brittany’s.”


“Right.  Rachel, I really think that is more than I ever needed or wanted to know about any of them.”


“Just sign the paper, Kurt.”  He sighed, but did it.




Two and a half years later, Kurt was staring at another piece of paper thrust into his face by one Rachel Berry.  Raising his eyebrow at her, he asked what she wanted.


“Well, Kurt, as you may recall, we Glee Club members signed a pact shortly after Sectionals of our first year as a club.”


“Yes Rachel, I recall,” he sighed, rolling his eyes.


“Well, this is the chart marking the status of each member in accordance to the pact.  As you can see, Noah and Santana are at the top, having given their virginities to each other as early as seventh grade, followed by Brittany who gave hers to Noah in the eighth.  After them, it’s—”


“Rachel!  What’s your point?”


“The point here Kurt, is that you are the only one left to put a date on this, and graduation is in less than a month.”


“Rachel, you can’t be serious.”


“I am serious, Kurt!  We made Jesse, Sam, and Lauren all sign when they joined.  And more than that, they all complied.”


“You can’t prove that about Jesse.”


“He didn’t do it while he was in the club, no, but after the consulting last year, Finn and I both slept with him.  It was a way to find closure on that chapter of our lives.”


“And you really believe he was still a virgin that night?”  Rachel just raised an eyebrow.  “…Right.  So you want me to pick one of our teammates at random?”


“Well, not random, no, but…  Kurt, you agreed to this!”


“I was barely sixteen!  I didn’t think I was ever going to have a boyfriend until college, and at the time the only person I was considering giving it up to would have been Finn, and at this point, that would just be weird.”


“Kurt, you have three weeks to do this.  Sam and Mercedes did it after Prom last weekend.”


“Well if the rules could have been bent for Blaine, maybe I would already be on there.”


“Kurt, just because he was in a Glee Club doesn’t make him eligible.  He had to be in our Glee Club.”


Kurt turned his eyes to the ceiling, wishing just for a moment that he believed in some higher power to beg for relief of Rachel from.  “Fine, Rachel.  I’ll figure it out.  Okay?  Can you stop pestering me now?”


Rachel smiled happily and skipped off, her skirt swaying around her thighs.  Kurt dropped his head, letting his chin touch his chest, and sighed.  What was he going to do?




He spent the rest of the week evaluating his options.  He really didn’t have very many, and his choices were halved since he refused to do this with a girl.  That left him with Finn, Mike, Sam, Puck, and Artie.  Finn, Mike, and Sam were all taken and even though the girls probably would be willing to let him…“borrow” their boyfriends, Kurt didn’t think he could do that.  Besides, Finn was like his brother now, and as cute as Sam was, he would never do anything that might strain his and Mercedes’ relationship, no matter how much she might say it was okay.  And Mike did have fantastic abs, but Tina was territorial sometimes and he didn’t want to risk having a body part getting cut off.


That left him Artie or Puck.  Artie was a really nice guy.  He was sweet and funny, and he was probably Kurt’s best guy-friend.  But…  Kurt was just not attracted to him, at all.  It made him feel bad to really think or realize it, but it was just a fact, and it wasn’t like Artie wanted him to like him, so it wasn’t really important.


So…  Puck?  Kurt’s face burned up when he came to that conclusion during Glee, considering the boy was only four feet away from him, smiling sexily as he sang.  Watching him, Kurt knew that it could work.  Once Dave Karofsky came out, followed by Santana and Brittany, the school cracked down harder on the homophobic bullying and it lessened, encouraging more students to be open about themselves, including several Freshman, and even Puck had come out as bi.


That had kind of been the last straw for Blaine.  Kurt had refused to go all the way because of peer pressure from the club in general and Rachel in particular, which was enough to get Blaine frustrated and pestering, but when he found out that Kurt was happy and fine with Puck being bi, they got into a fight about bisexuality and the existence or non-existence of it and Kurt’s feelings and attitude about it.


Kurt had stressed that he’d grown up in the eight months since the incredibly biphobic comments he’d made in March, not to mention that he was hurt and angry about Rachel and Blaine going out when they both knew how he felt, but it still ended with Blaine pushing past him and refusing to return his calls.  When he finally did, he’d stated that he would only let it go if Kurt would have sex with him.  That refusal caused another fight, this time about how Kurt cared more about his friends than his boyfriend, which they had had more than once.


Kurt hung up after shouting that he didn’t want to talk to Blaine again.  He received a text a few minutes later, saying much the same in addition to a demand for all of his things back.  The last time they had seen each other was when Blaine came over and they returned everything borrowed.


So the fact that Puck was hot, single, and into guys were all pluses for him.  But, as he’d told Rachel in the first place, did he really want to have sex for the first time with someone he called a friend just because his signature was on a piece of paper?  Of course, if Puck didn’t want to sleep with Kurt, that would make the entire situation moot.  If he really had to sleep with a girl, he figured Santana and Brittany would let him have a night with them.  Santana was the one girl he honestly thought he could get it up for, if only because she would take it off if he didn’t.


But he really wanted his first time to be with a guy.




Over the weekend, he focused on Puck, avoiding Finn as much as possible.  He fantasized a little, wondering how Puck would be, what he would do.  It was surprisingly easy for him to masturbate while thinking about the Mohawked boy.  It had never been so simple with Blaine, and when he was crushing on Finn it was almost entirely unsexual.  But the orgasms he had while thinking about Puck were at a new level for him.


In his mind, Puck was always in charge, because he was the one that would know what to do.  He would sweet talk Kurt into a puddle of horny goo and would maneuver him to the bed.  Puck would maybe go down on him or tweak his nipples.  He would keep Kurt so aroused that he wouldn’t even notice he was preparing him until he was to three fingers and deliberately nudging his prostate.  Then he would fuck him blind, and it was incredible.


By Monday, Kurt had decided to talk to Puck.  He would see what he thought and try to discern whether or not he was interested.  When he finally got a moment alone with Puck, after third period Physics (an AP class), Kurt caught him by the elbow and pulled him into the choir room when they passed each other.


“The hell, Hummel?”  Kurt looked up at him and realized again just how close to the same height they were now.  “Any reason you dragged me in here?”


“I have a question.”


“So ask,” Puck said with a shrug.


“Well, I…”  Suddenly, his final plan, which he had scripted several times, flew out of his mind.  He couldn’t remember any of his lead-in questions or the ones to see how Puck would react to the idea.  So the worst of his possible plans came out of his mouth before he could stop it.  “Would you want to take my virginity so Rachel will get off my back?”  He knew he had said the absolutely wrong thing the second it was out, and the way Puck’s face twisted and darkened only made it more obvious.  “I’m sorry!  That’s not what I meant to say, Puck.  Please, let me try again?”


Puck blinked.  “You want me to let you try to find a more diplomatic way of asking me for sex?”  Kurt couldn’t believe his blush could get any worse, but it did.


“Not exactly.  I…  I meant to ask for your opinion on Rachel and the pact.  A-apparently I’m the only one that hasn’t updated to non-virgin status, and she’s gotten on my case lately.”


“So you thought you’d come to me for help?”


“I wanted to come to you for advice.”


“No you didn’t,” Puck said, shaking his head.  “If that’s what you wanted, you would have asked Mercedes or Artie.  You’re asking me because you think I’m the only one that’ll fuck you.”


“That’s not true!  I’m sure Mike would if I asked, or Sam, but I don’t want to sleep with them.  How did—Never mind.  I’ll admit, I wanted to ask you to sleep with me, but I meant to do it much more tactfully and to be sure you were somewhat interested before doing so.”


“You didn’t sleep with your Richy-Rich boytoy?”


“What?  First of all, he wasn’t my boytoy and he wasn’t all that rich.  And no, I didn’t.  Why would you—”


“Because of that stupid pact?  Because he wasn’t in our club?”


“At first.  Look, this isn’t about that right now, okay?”


“No, wait.  You let a piece of paper cockblock you?”  Puck was starting to snicker then, so at least he wasn’t angry anymore.


“No, I did not.”


“Yes you did,” he laughed.


“The first few times, maybe, but I didn’t feel quite ready by then.  But when he continued to push, I said no because I wanted him to respect my decision and wait.”


Puck stopped laughing.  “That Private-School douchebag was pressuring you?”


“No, he was just frustrated and horny, okay?  I’m sorry I asked you like that.  I would say never mind, but I really do need to have sex before Graduation, and I would like it to be with you.”


Puck shook his head.  “Dude, I’m not going to fuck you for the sake of a piece of paper.”




“No way, man.  I respect you too much for that, and I thought you did too.  You should wait and find someone you care about, that you love, for your first time.  Chang-Squared did it right.  They’re sort of perfect together, to the point of disgusting.  And Sam and Aretha?  They probably won’t last the way Mike and Tina might, but they still care a lot for each other.  Santana and I fucked ourselves over.  We were fourteen, a pair of kids.  We just wanted to know what it was like.”


“Oh.”  Kurt didn’t know what else to say.  Puck had just let him in a little more than he ever had before.


“Maybe I’ll tell you about the consequences of that decision later.  I’ve got Spanish and Schuester will have my ass if I’m late.”


“Oh!  Right, sorry.”  Kurt had forgotten it was between classes.


“But seriously, just wait,” Puck said, putting a hand on Kurt’s shoulder as they started out the door.  “Screw Rachel and her solidarity and her paper.”  Then he left down the hall, swearing as the bell rang.  Kurt watched him go, zeroing in on his ass for a moment, before making his way to his own class.


As much as Puck had just told him he should wait, Kurt was suddenly certain that he really wanted him to be his first.




On Wednesday, Rachel cornered him in English.  “Have you done it yet?”


“No, Rachel,” he sighed, glancing over his copy of Huckleberry Finn.


“Have you at least picked someone?  I’ll be happy to lend you Finn—”


“Do not finish that sentence, Rachel.  Do.  Not.”


“Mercedes has also assured me that you could have Sam if you wanted.”


“No, I do not want!  For your information, I did pick, and he said no, Rachel.”


“What!  But everyone knows this is important.  Who was it, I’ll—”


“Do nothing, Rachel.  He knows this is important.  To you.  He thinks I should wait, and he has a good point.”




“I’m not talking about it!”  As she opened her mouth again, the teacher called for attention and Rachel sat, pouting.




Friday was the last day of classes for the seniors, with Graduation the next Saturday.  Rachel tried again to convince Kurt, but he refused to tell her who he had asked or if he was planning to try again or move on to someone else.  During the pizza party they had in Glee, she actually left him alone, because everyone was upset.


It was the last Glee Club meeting of their lives.  They were all seniors, meaning there was no one to continue the club the next year because, despite the rise in acceptance in the school, Glee was still the bottom rung of the ladder and nobody wanted to join.  Rachel, Mercedes, Tina, and Brittany were all crying and Kurt was embarrassed to feel so close to tears himself.  Even Santana and Quinn shed one or two, but they hid it very well.


They sang songs of remembrance and regret of things not done.  They talked about college and summer plans.


Rachel was leaving for New York two days after Graduation and Finn was following her in the fall, the two going to a university near the apartment they already had a down payment on.  Santana was dragging Brittany to California with her in July and they were going to pursue dance and maybe even TV.  Sam wanted to go to medical school in Boston, but Mercedes was going to do some missionary work in Africa over the summer before going to Louisiana for a degree in Music Education.  Quinn was also going to Africa, but after the summer she was looking to go to France for school.  Artie had gotten a scholarship to a local school, so he would still be living at home until he finished.  Tina and Mike were going to college in Wyoming for fashion design and dance respectively.  Puck was probably staying home for the summer, cleaning pools and waiting tables, before heading for someplace big, like New York or LA, to start a band and make it big.  Kurt was going to school in New York, but with Blaine gone, he wasn’t sure yet if he would move in with Finn and Rachel or house on campus yet.  Mr. Schuester was so proud of all of them.  Most of them were going on to college, and even if they didn’t all make it, he knew, and expressed as much, that they would all do their best.




During the week between school ending and Graduation, Kurt saw quite a bit of Puck.  He always had, once Finn and Kurt were living in the same house all the time.  Puck was back to being best friends with Kurt’s step-brother, so he was often over to the house.  Kurt had seen him in boxers and socks too many times, but most of those times, he had ignored how attractive Puck really was through sheer strength of will.  Now that he’d thought about it, Puck lounging on the couch in his underwear was too much for Kurt to handle.  And Puck knew it, too.


Kurt was sure he knew because, while he would leer and smirk, he would also cover up after a moment, like he didn’t want to temp Kurt into just going for it.  Like he really did want Kurt to wait until he found “Mr. Right”, even though Kurt was almost certain such a person didn’t really exist.


The night before Graduation, Puck was over for dinner.  They were having pork chops to celebrate, and Puck ate them happily despite the fact that they were restricted because of his religion.  All through the meal, Kurt couldn’t help but notice the way Puck’s Adam’s apple bobbed when he swallowed or how far he stuck his forkfuls of mashed potatoes into his mouth.  Most amazing, though, was that Kurt knew he wasn’t doing it deliberately.  Puck wasn’t smirking or making eye contact or playing footsie.  He was just…eating.


After dinner, Kurt volunteered to help Puck with the dishes (because despite being a guest, Puck was over so often that he was in the chore rotation).  His family shrugged and went on to watch some television.  Kurt ran the water while Puck gathered the dishes, and then they worked in silence, Puck washing and Kurt rinsing.  After several minutes, Puck spoke.


“Are you going to proposition me again?”  Puck glanced at Kurt and frowned.  Kurt could feel his face heating up and he knew Puck could see it.  “Because I can forgive you doing it once, but if you do it again, I’m gonna think you see me just like everybody else.”  Kurt blinked, furrowing his brows.


“Like everybody else?” he echoed.


“Yeah,” he muttered, looking back at the dish he was washing, “like a whore.”


Kurt felt his stomach clench and his heart ached.  “Like a…  I would never…”  He couldn’t get his words to go together, because all he could see right then was Puck’s face when he’d asked the first time.  No wonder he’d looked so pissed off.  Kurt swallowed, focusing on now.  Puck was holding a plate, staring at the water in the sink.  “I don’t think of you like that,” he whispered.


“Good.”  Puck started washing again, trying to act like nothing had happened.  “So what do you want?”


“I…”  What could he say?  He had been going to try again, but not because of the stupid paper anymore.  Puck slid the plate into the rinse water, and Kurt lifted it out to put in the drainer.  “I was going to remind you that Jesse is on that list.”


“So?” Puck asked with a raised eyebrow.


“So, he switched back to Vocal Adrenalin and graduated before he got on it.  I don’t really believe he was a virgin, but Rachel was convinced, so I didn’t feel like arguing.”


“What’s your point?” Puck demanded, turning to face him, leaning his hip on the counter.


“My point is that I don’t have to do it before tomorrow.  That I can wait a month or a year or ten years if I want to.”  Puck rolled his eyes.  “But…  I do know that, at the end of that wait, I’d still like it to be you.”


Puck blinked.  “What?”


“I want my first time to be with you.  Not because Rachel says I have to or because I signed a piece of paper two years ago or because all my friends have done it already, but because I want it to be you.”




“Because you have a handsome face and because your lips are plump and because the Mohawk doesn’t look as ridiculous as I always say and because you’re funny and because you’re sweet.  But most of all?” Puck nodded slightly, looking into Kurt’s face.  They had gotten closer as Kurt spoke, getting quieter with each quality.  “Most of all, because you respect me.”


He couldn’t exactly say he hadn’t hoped that Puck would kiss him then, but he hadn’t really expected it.  It wasn’t something that happened outside of a script.  But it did.  And when one of Puck’s soapy hands threaded its fingers into his hair, Kurt didn’t mind at all.




They didn’t have sex that night.  Or all summer.  When they got to New York, they did join Finn and Rachel in their apartment, and Kurt attended school while Puck found a job singing in a bar.  It wasn’t until December, when they had the apartment to themselves for a few days because Puck’s work schedule kept him after school had let out for the other three, that they finally did.


Kurt had cooked Puck’s favorites and after dinner, took him to their room, where he told him he cared about him and loved him.  And they spent the night making love, both soft and hard, quiet and loud, but every time cherished.


If anyone's interested, here is the list of, in my mind, who lost their virginity to whom and what grade the virgin was in. Canon instances are marked with a star.


Noah – Santana (7th)

Santana – Noah (7th)

Brittany – Noah (8th)

*Quinn – Noah (10th)

Matt – Noah/April (10th)

*Finn – Santana (10th)

*Artie – Brittany (11th)

Mike – Tina (11th)

Tina – Mike (11th)

Lauren – Noah (12th)

Rachel – Finn/Jesse (11th)

Jesse – Rachel/Finn (13th)

Sam – Mercedes (12th)

Mercedes – Sam (12th)

Kurt – Noah (13th)

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