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so, yeah. you've been warned. we saw harry potter tonight, and this is my rant/gush/rave. full of SPOILERS.

alright, so before i start, i just have to say: overall, i like the movie. it was good, and funny, and had a great balance. i had a couple issues with some stuff that got left out, but it was still great.


i must have asked my brother/myself this question half a dozen times between the trio getting to hogwarts and fred dying. he never showed up. wtf. i understand that he hasn't been in the movies since number three (maybe five? i think they cut him out of that one...), and they would have to remind the non-book-readers who he was, but percy's redemption was probably my FAVORITE PART of DH.

in line with that, my next thing was this: WHY DIDN'T WE SEE FRED DIE?

we see the twins on the balcony, waiting for the attack, and then in the great hall with fred dead. that death broke me in the book, BECAUSE IT WAS THE MOST IMPACTING. if i didn't know it was fred that died in the book, i wouldn't have known which of them it was in the movie. i believe the scene was cut because they cut percy, who is the one that PUT that smile on fred's face the instant before he died. "You're joking, Perce!"

i really wanted to see that. anybody else notice that george had both ears, too?

of course, going with missing characters and strange deaths: WHY WASN'T TEDDY IN THIS AND WHY DID TONKS AND LUPIN DIE?

the only indication that the lupins WERE the lupins was when they were laid out, hands touching. there was no mention of their relationship or their son. the only reason JK killed them was to parallel harry's orphan status to teddy's.

but really, that was about it for my complaints. without going into the issues with the plot itself, but that's the book and JK's fault. the director and writers and actors did a brilliant job making a great movie out of a decent book. as someone else already said, "they did a great job making the worst book of seven into the best movie of eight" (or something close to that, i can't remember).

as for good points, the first thing i'd like to say is: HOW AWESOME WAS THAT DRAGON?

as my brother said, the paleness of the dragon's skin and eyes was great. it had been kept underground likely its entire life, and the lack of color really supported that. during that scene, i was thinking about how it probably took several pages to cover what the movie did in seconds, but that didn't make it any less amazing.

then, the trio immediately set about changing their clothes. and the only thing i could focus on: HARRY'S HOT BODY HAIR

i could have done without the upper chest hair, but the treasure trail kept me glued. his shivering dialogue was a little distracting, and i did make a point of diving ron a glance, but harry's dark hair pulled me back in. on the drive home, my brother complained about hermione just wrapping a blanket around herself after taking off her jacket, and i didn't have a clue what he was talking about. i hadn't even noticed. because harry was being too hot.


neville has GROWN. UP. he nearly fell to his death, and when he pulled himself back up, all i could say was 'why aren't any of those girls snogging the hell out of him?'. they just stood there, WATCHING, as he saved his own life. i mean, seriously.

that, however, was cleared up with: NEVUNA

neviluna? luneville? whatever. neville said he was mad for luna and ought to tell her as they might both be dead by morning!!! lovebottom is so adorable and is now canon (as long as you accept movie!verses as canon). *squishflaillove*

i was worried that they were going to cut NEVILLE KILLING NAGINI

thankfully, i was wrong. but i was ready to get mad for several minutes. neville is totally my favorite character in the series, though as we took our seats, i randomly got super excited to see luna.


fucking. adorable. the pensive stuff was fast paced, but it was perfect. except for the fact that they were tears that harry gathered. i'm pretty sure tears don't hold memories. unless i'm remembering the book wrong (which is possible since i only read it once, right after it came out, like four movies ago). the scene of snape cradling lily's body while baby!harry cried in his crib was amazing. it was simple, but so emotional and painful.

i think at this point, i have to just go to the epilogue and leave it here, because i've been totally derailed by Gred and Forge's "Brotherly Love".


i knew going in, it would be the same actors trying to look older. it was terrible. they did ginny decently, giving her a haircut and some total mom!clothes. harry had new glasses (gold for age) and a little more facial hair. ron was chubby (my brother said pregnant, and that instantly became my head!canon: ron carried hermione's babies). hermione looked a little older, i suppose, but still not enough.

and then there was draco. i literally bust up laughing when i saw him. it was like they put glue on tom milton*'s face and threw hair at him. it was patchy and thin and just so awkward.

there were SEVERAL scenes that i burst into laughter (or nearly), but thinking back, i can't remember what they were. mostly because they weren't intentionally funny. something in the scene just made me laugh.

well, i guess that's it from me on this subject. it was a good movie, totally worth seeing. definitely one of the best of the eight.~

* tom FELTON. i fail. i had been on DFTBArecords right before and saw milton's name all over it. thanks to damien for pointing out my fail.
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