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Glee - Where Do Babies Come From? - PG - 1/1

title: Where Do Babies Come From?
fandom: Glee
pairing: Sebastian/Kurt/Blaine
rating: PG
word count: ~420
spoilers: none really, other than Sebastian's existence, I guess
warnings: none. no swearing, no sex, no angst. just fluffy avoidance of telling a five-year-old about sex
summary: Sebastian, Kurt, and Blaine's daughter asks where babies come from.
prompt: written for the weekly writing challenge at gleempreg
disclaimer: Ryan owns Glee


Sebastian glanced down from the computer, where he was busily typing his most recent article for Time, to his daughter, standing at his knee.  Her hair was in messy pigtails that she had done all by herself that morning and she was wearing her favorite dress, the pink and yellow monstrosity that Blaine found absolutely adorable and Kurt had actually cried about when she picked it out, over green tights that were torn in the left knee.

“What’s up, sunshine?”

“Where do babies come from?”

Sebastian nearly choked on the pen cap in his mouth.  “Why do you ask, honey?”

She crossed her arms and fixed him with a stern stare.  She learned that one from Kurt, but Sebastian didn’t cave.  Finally, she sighed.

“Jeremy said a bird brings babies to Mommies and Daddies, but that’s not true, is it?”

Sebastian sighed and turned, gathering her into his lap.  “No, Amelia, it’s not.  Babies are made by parents loving each other very much.  They do something special together because they have so much love they want to share it.”

“That’s why you had me?”


“And my baby brother?”

“And your baby brother,” Kurt answered from where he was standing in the doorway from the kitchen, where he must have been listening.  Amelia squirmed her way down and ran to Kurt.

“Daddy, when’s my baby brother coming home?” she asked, hugging his legs.

“Not for a while, still,” Kurt answered.  “Da’s still cooking him, remember?”

Amelia nodded.  “Can I go say hi?  He can hear me now, right?”

“According to the doctor, yes, he can.  And may I say hi, Amelia.”

May I, Daddy?” she huffed.

“As long as you’re quiet.  Da’s sleeping.  He and the baby need lots of rest for now.”

“Okay!”  Amelia let go and ran to the bedroom her three father’s shared.  She peered in cautiously before tiptoeing into the room.

Kurt moved to Sebastian, who was turning back to the article he was writing.  Kurt kissed the top of his head.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

“For what?” Sebastian asked around the cap he’d put back between his teeth.

“For not lying to her.”

“Of course.  I won’t have my daughter thinking a water fowl brought her to us rather than her magnificent father.”

Kurt sighed happily.  “Good.  Also, thank you for convincing us.”


“Of having her.  Of having you.  Of… everything.  That’s all.”

“Right.  Everything.  That’s all.”

Kurt playfully shoved Sebastian’s shoulder before following their daughter to make sure she wasn’t waking Blaine.

Tags: blaine, fic, glee, kurt, kurt/blaine, kurt/sebastian, kurt/sebastian/blaine, mpreg, oneshot, pg, sebastian, sebastian/blaine, where do babies come from?

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