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fic announcement

okay, so i was bored last night at midnight or so, and decided to go through the challenges i have saved from spanderfiles and started on a couple of them.  the one i like most right this moment is based on this challenge:


Human AU: Xander is the son of the president. 19 years old and never actually been out on his own with our body guards. While on a trip with his family he runs off and runs in to Spike. Who is actually a secret agent for the president. Kind of like Chasing Liberty/First Daughter.

so far, i have two chapters written, and am planning on posting as i go.  please comment, because i really like comments.  however, while the challenge says 'human au', i couldn't quite stick to an all-human world.  it just wouldn't be right without vamps.  but anyway, that's what's coming.

i've also started a fic based on this prompt:

Lucy H.:

A story in which Xander surprises everyone at being a competent dad when two, or more, of the group (could even include the Fang Gang) are turned into children

i really liked this one for the first chapter, but chapter two obnoxiously sucks.  however, if people really want to see that one, i will be totally inspired by requests for it, i'm sure.  anyway, both stories will eventually be spander, as the challenges came from a spander-centered site.  so yeah.  let me know if you really really want to see this one.

Tags: announcement, challenge fic, chibi, human au, spander

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