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Harper's Island: What the EverLoving Fuck

i just can't even...

if you've seen it, let's rant and discuss. if you haven't, WATCH IT.

it's pretty much the most awesome piece of horror ever done. it's a tv series of 13 episodes (ooh, i just caught the creepiness of 13) and it's edge-of-your-seat what the fuckery.

i mean, i could hardly keep track of who was dead because they were dropping so fast. and i would have gone to bed an hour ago, but i was at the last episode, and at the end of 12 you find out the juicy stuff, and i couldn't not finish tonight.

i mean, my mind was blown. i DID NOT see it coming. what the fuck. just... what the fuck.

Harper's Island. watch it. now. it's like a 13-hour horror/slasher/suspense/thriller movie.

uh, the premise is a wedding party on an island getting killed over the span of about a week.

do it. i would link you, but i watched it on netflix. it streams.
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